Friday, March 29, 2013

Seeking Balance.

Dancing Shiva (Consort of Kali)

She is mad, her lover is mad, and I am mad for loving her!
This world is bewitched by the lovely goddess.  
No on can describe how lovely she is, how glorious,
how perfect her gestures, how sudden her moods.
Her lover, poisoned with love for her, calls out her name
endlessly, singing Kali's name over and over and over.  

Life has currents, cycles, tides which ebb and flow.  
She looks upon them all with equanimity.
Nothing is opposite in her mind: not life, not death;
not love, not hate; not self, not the void.
Your raft, the poet said, floats upon the sea of life.  
It drifts up with the tide, and down with the ebb.  
But the goddess is there.  The goddess is always there.  

-Indian poet Ramakrishna 
(excerpted from Monaghan, Patricia.  The Goddess Companion: Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit.  St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, 2000)

It was the Vernal Equinox a little over a week ago.  There are probably many astronomical reasons why equinoxes are of import and have been interesting to humans for generations, but for me, the importance in the Equinox is that of balance.  It is one of two days a year when the darkness and light are equal, in balance.  It is a meaningful day for me, as the seasons' turns mirrors my own search for balance.  Underlying this search is the belief that with that balance, one finds contentment.  And I am ever searching for peace, contentment, and serenity.  

I'm closer now than I've ever been to peace.  I feel more centered and grounded than I have in years.  But with the contentment I have now, I also recognize that this will change.  This too shall pass.  But that's okay, because the seasons' turn, and I'll come back to balance again.  Maybe I'm finally beginning to understand what my mother has been trying to tell me for years:  This too shall pass.  "Life has currents, cycles, tides which ebb and flow.... Nothing is opposite in her mind...." 

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