Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have no idea how one is supposed to introduce a blog.  I fear this is my first.

I know, I am late to the blogging party.  This might best be explained by the many years I spent in graduate school immersing myself in the intellectual thought of the twelfth century.  (Google "twelfth century Renaissance" sometime!)  But now I find myself in the twenty-first century, starting a blog and unsure how to do so.

An introduction seems in order.


-am a writer
-play the pedal harp
-taught college history
-studied medieval religious history in graduate school
-am a Unitarian Universalist
-enjoy lists

As for the purpose of this blog, it is largely to expand upon my "writing life."  However, I find that my writing life often intersects with these other aspects of my life, identity, experience, and personality.  (Hence including a list in this introduction).  So the purpose of this blog might become more nuanced as it ages.

I'll play it by ear...

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